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I am looking for a code review tool for my ROR application. Can you suggest something?

Thanks in advance...

What do you mean by a "code review tool?"

A tool which can test the quality of our all ruby code in our rails application. I tried with the gem called "Roodi" to check my code. Is there any other effective tool for this?

try netbeans IDE. It checks my code.

regards svend

Or you could hire a REAL PERSON (I know, shocking, isn't it?) to check
your code for you!

rcov is a gem that shows test coverage.

Flog measures the testability of your code. Flay "analyzes ruby code for structural similarities". For more on those, and more, see .

Other than that, there are some tools that show you dead code (crufty, towelie), but I never saw them in action.

But none of them will prove your code has quality, obviously.


Ryan, the average code review tool for .Net is under $1000, and RoR apps are generally cheaper than that or free. Can you hire someone for under $1000? Sure, you don't have the hands-on approach of a real person, but running a script is exactly one hell of a lot faster.

- Matt.

The only thing that comes to mind would be rcov, but that is for checking testing coverage of your application. Testing is the best way to test the code of your application.

Is that tool going to explain how to make your code better? Or just
how to make your code get a better score? If this wonderful script
tells you that your code needs some serious help, will you be hiring
someone then??


I've done some Googlin' and found this blog post:

It features some Ruby code quality checking tools: - Roodi - Dust - Flog - Saikuro

Maybe some of 'em will be helpful.


Have a look at this video. It explains most techniques you can use for gaining metrics.

One comment from the video is very important: metrics can guide your view, but you still need a good human to interpret them. Just because the score of a method is high, that does not mean that the implementation is bad - maybe it is just solving a hard problem. Metrics have no meaning without context - and that context has to be provided by a human.

Regards, Florian Gilcher

Karthi kn wrote:

I am looking for a code review tool for my ROR application. Can you suggest something?

What does 'rake stats' return for your project?

Matt, I would gladly review code for $1000. That's... 20 hours paid