Implementing the MetaWeblog API

As a "good programmer", I want to make my blog software support the next
generation of Rails. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the new ideas
of Rails 3, but I have come to a major roadblock: All of the examples
I've found that deal with implementing the API use ActionWebService,
which has been deprecated and lacks major support from the Rails core

Has anyone out there added MetaWeblog API support to their Rails 3
application? What did you do to
solve this problem? How did you implement the actual functions in the
API? Currently, I'm working on a solution that involves a Sinatra (or
possibly some other kind of) middleware app that is mapped
to a certain endpoint ('/blog/api') where clients send/receive XML-RPC

I'd be interested to know this too

Anyone know of a way to implement MetaWeblog into Rails3?

For rails3 there is nothing yet. For rails < 3 there is but it doesn't work yet and
I have no idea what to change to make it work. (new to ruby and rails)
it's also darn difficult to find the right fork to start from :frowning: