Good Day,

I use ActionWebService for creation Blog API trough creation XMLRPC controller

class XmlrpcController < ApplicationController   web_service_dispatching_mode :layered

  web_service(:blogger) { } end

class BloggerAPI < ActionWebService::API::Base   inflect_names false

  api_method :newPost, :returns => [:string], :expects => [     {:appkey=>:string},     {:blogid=>:string},     {:username=>:string},     {:password=>:string},     {:content=>:string},     {:publish=>:bool}   ]


class BloggerService < ActionWebService::Base   web_service_api BloggerAPI

  def initialize     @postid = 0   end

  def newPost(key, id, user, pw, content, publish)     $stderr.puts "id=#{id} user=#{user} pw=#{pw}, content=#{content.inspect} [#{publish}]"     (@postid += 1).to_s   end


in Routes.rb I have row: map.connect "/xmlrpc/api", :controller => "xmlrpc", :action => "api"

When I use development environment with set in config/ development.rb: config.cache_classes = false

For first call to blog API - I always take:

ActionController::UnknownAction (No action responded to api. Actions: access_denied, authorization_failure!, authorized?, current_user, current_user=, current_user?, login_from_cookie, login_required, protected?, reject_unconfirmed_user, render_without_selector, store_location, stub_user, and wsdl):     /vendor/rails/actionpack/lib/action_controller/filters.rb:617:in `call_filters' .........

But next call always processed correct.

When I use production environment with set in config/production.rb: config.cache_classes = true

I always take: ActionController::UnknownAction

How I can correct that?


May be that will usefully for some body.

For start correct work, I changed:

  class XmlrpcController < ApplicationController


class XmlrpcController < ActionController::Base

I was able to fix it.

ActionWebService is located in


$ ls vendor/plugins/datanoise-actionwebservice-c076ac1 actionwebservice.gemspec CHANGELOG examples generators install.rb lib MIT-LICENSE Rakefile README setup.rb test TODO

I've added a new file


with the following line:

require 'actionwebservice'

After this change I've got the following error:

uninitialized constant ActionWebService::Dispatcher::ActionController::RoutingError (NameError)   from /home/vir/work/mmsd_iface/app/controllers/application_controller.rb:22

I've fixed it by replacing all occurances of ActionController module with "::ActionController". With double colon I explicitly stated that it's a top-level module.

After this change everything worked fine.