If you were to code a marketplace app like AirBnB today, what technology & stack would you use?

So having spent almost a year coding in RoR, I’m thinking of applying “new stuff” that I didn’t get to use in my past projects.

Keeping in mind that I want to keep improving my skills and experience so that someday I can find that elusive remote RoR job, what would you suggest I use?

I have on my list:

  1. CoffeeScript

  2. Haml

  3. Rspec and Capybara

  4. Database other than PostgreSQL

  5. Hosting other than Heroku

  6. BitBucket

I would add Angular (or another front end framework) and some type of CI.

Would you replace any one on my list with something else? Which DB, hosting solution and source control would you use?

I would suggest Solr or MongoDB or (you pick) some other NoSQL db tool as a focus for item 4.

Git hard to beat for a source control choice.

You should add automation tools for working your production release (installation, backup, error recovery, …).

I am an Embe fan, so would like to use that to reduce server load.

Oops that must be ember not embe :frowning:


why not using PostgreSQL?

Hosting: EngineYard https://www.engineyard.com/

SCM: git



+1 for postgre

Engine yard costs, better go for Digital Ocean or Linode

DigitalOcean is cool I gues - but it still costs :slight_smile:

here is a good comparison of the various service providers


Andy, trying to do something new to expand my skills and knowledge so not using PostgreSQL.

Karthikeyan, thanks will look into it. I know it may sound crazy to do everything completely different from the current project but feeling programatically inadequate lately after switching to Rails… Feels like I’m building a recipe list for a World of Warcraft hero.

But if I use Ember.js, that means bye-bye RoR?

Not exactly, Ember brings a framework to the client side, just like
Ruby on Rails is a frame work to server side. You can try this gem
Though the your view of client side of application may change after
using ember, the server side will still be in Rails.
Goto to learn it.
Enjoy Life!

curious what is it about heroku that turns people off

i even heard heroku is backed by the matz himself.


Lack of control. The cost. Plus I am nervous about their addons, weather if I use it my app will be locked into heroku infrastructure.

But its great place to show a small free demo to some one.

If you're looking for a new NoSQL option, check out
http://orchestrate.io, where all data is accessed via a RESTful
interface. I've been working on a couple of gems (one wraps the api,
while the other is a rails model mapper) and recently pushed them up to

You can find the docs at http://jimcar.github.io

I'd very much appreciate any feedback from the ruby community.

Thanks in advance,