How to work with the Old Book and New Code for 2.0.2


I own few good books based on rails 1.2. Its good enough but now
since many things have changed from 1.2 to 2.0.2

I have downloaded the codes in 2.0.2.
But I am confused, how should i read the book and work with new codes.

Are there any major changes in rails 2.0.2, except Scaffolding and
What should i read from old and famous books for rails 1.2...?
Will my knowledge for rails 1.2 will go waste, if i read those books.

I am sure, many would have faced the same situation. I would like to
know the best method for this.


Read your book, then go lookup the technique the book describes in the
api ( and check for differences.

Taht way, you should still get the benefit of the structured message
from the book and see what the current implementation requires.

If you read youll be fine

I'd suggesting buying the beta book of Agile Web Development with
Rails, which has been largely updated for 2.0.2 and should save you
considerable time.

I have a list of books that are updated for 2.0 at

Michael Slater


I missed out the Important topic like REST with Rails 2.0.2.

None of the old book will teach me REST.

Can some one help me out pointing Good Blogs/Tutorials links on REST.


I had/have the same problem, but the main thing is that you just try
out stuff and then use the book as a reference for ideas on how to
handle different problems. Checking out and
picking up the Beta PDF of Agile Web Development with Rails would be a
good place to start, and I also recommend two other books, The Art of
Rails and Simply Rails 2.

Main thing is to use everything, question everything, and fail a lot.
That's why we use version control.