Which of this Book authors have converted codes to Rails 2

Which of this Book authors have converted codes to Rails 2.0.2....?

Well code is far from useless. It's actually a good exercise going
through and trying to update it to Rails 2.0 style (or even to get it
to work with 2). A good resource for changes from 1.2 is


I do know that "Agile Web Development with Rails" is currently in Beta
and is in the process of updating to highlight the newest and best
features of Rails 2.0. And DHH is a contributing author!



Unfortunately... this books are good and useful, but the code are of no
use, since they are in Rails 1.2.

You are not expected to type the code in verbatim. You are expected to learn the patterns and styles, and these have changed very little.

Put another way, you will never be able to code Rails until you are comfortable Googling for every other new kind of statement you must write. How to call remote_function? What to put in a named route in routes.rb? How to test a redirect between actions? You would need to look these up, _even_ if you had all four of those books, all moved up to Rails 2.0.2...

I have to agree with Philp. The best Rails book I have read is David A
Black's "Ruby for Rails" The code in the first chapter doesn't work
but the information in the rest of the book about how ruby interacts
with Rails is timeless. On the other hand there are "follow-me"
tutorial books that don't really explain the magic behind the scenes
and having those not work would be pretty useless.

Google is your friend.