How do I get the right version to contribute to rails 2.3.x

Hi all,

I just got my first fix into rails (
projects/8994/tickets/4080). And it tastes like more :slight_smile:

Creating the patch for 3.0 was easy because the current master branch
points to the 3.0 branch. But adding the fix to 2.3 was a bit
difficult. I switched to the 2.3-stable branch, but that provided a
patch file of around 5 Mbyte. Probably containing all patches since
the last 2.3 stable version.

What is the correct procedure to checkout the latest and active master
version of rails 2.3?


You have to work on a clean copy of 2-3-stable branch. I saw your 5MB
patch and i think you mix 2-3-stable things with master things.
from scratch

git clone git://
git checkout 2-3-stable

and now you are on a clean 2-3-stable, patch as you patch on master.
but do
git format-patch 2-3-stable --stdout > file.path

More than that, you even rectified it. Thanks for that!

I just ran the default command to format the patch;

git format-patch master --stdout > your-patch-file.diff

Now I see where I went wrong. Thanks a million!

You're welcome Stijnster, the patch was yours.
I'm not a patch stealer :).