fixing bug in rails 3.0 stable


What are the requirements for backporting bug fixes to rails 3.0.x from master? I've run into quite a few bugs migrating an app from 2.x to 3.0.x and have found all of them to be fixed in master, but not the 3.0 stable branch.

The latest bug that took me a while to track down was an issue with String#gsub fixed by

Bugs like this that override core classes seem like they should be high priority and fixed in the latest stable release, but they don't appear to be.

So why are bugs fixes like the one mentioned only considered for master and not being backported to the 3.0 stable branch? I see patches are still being committed to 3.0 stable, so it's not like it's been abandoned in favour of 3.1 yet.

Regards, Andrew

Since we have no real branch managers, committers are responsible for backporting. This results in backports being overlooked sometimes.

If you find a bug fixed in master that hasn't been backported to 3-0-stable, open an issue on github requesting that that commit be backported. We'll either backport it, or tell you why it can't be backported.