Backport PR etiquette


I’ve got a bugfix PR[1] on master, which I’d really like (if possible) to make it into the final 3.2 bugfix release as a backport.

Is it out of order to open a backport PR for something that hasn’t yet been merged into master? I’m conscious of the heavy existing workload on maintainers, and don’t want to add to it unnecessarily - just also aware that there’s a cutoff for 3.2 bugfixes hoving into view… :slight_smile:

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You should mention in the comment there that this effects 3.2, 4.0 and master, and you think this should be backported. After it got merged into master, then usually the core team will ask you to create associated PRs. No need to do it up front. :wink:


:+1: for what Prem said. We have to check that the bug fix will not introduce some kind of breaking change in a stable release before backporting.

Great, makes sense - thanks very much!


Also, if you open a backport PR immediately, and we decide not to
accept the patch, it's just clutter. Better to get it actually merged
first, then backport.