helping with rails 3 release

I'd like to pitch in and help get the rails 3 release out the door.
Where is help most needed? I can fix bugs, edit docs, write tutorials

I've been working through the open tickets on lighthouse but it seems
like the high priority stuff is mostly fixed.

+1 Me too. Maybe I've missed something obvious, but I'm not exactly
sure (from looking at lighthouse tix) what others are already working
on (don't want to duplicate effort) vs. what might be helpful to work
on (especially any docs that need updating, etc?)


You can help fixing issues on LightHouse yeah, but now Yehuda, Carl
and Adré are putting a great effort to solve some issues on Bundler.
I think now what is blocking the release is that Rails and Bundler
should be delivered both together as RC and Bundler need some more
So perhaps you can help there.

Since nobody else has brought it up, one way you can help is to verify
that plugins work on 3.0, fix any issues that arise, and (most
importantly) report any pain points or bugs that you find in 3.0

--Matt Jones

One particular bit of functionality that has little API docs is
calling #render in the short way, like

    render "new"

It's a concrete task that is needed in the docs front if you'd like to
help here.

The documentation from docrails/master is periodically generated here

In fact, if I am not mistaken (just did some browsing and ack'ing) the
docs of #render have been eaten by some refactoring vortex.