Hai...am Abhilash a begginer..

Hi ALL...
Am very new to the world of RoR..am bascially a Java certified
professional...am wanting to start of learning RoR...pl guide me to
master RoR..
Pl suggest me some online tutorials,websites where we can find the
related material.

Start with the Rails Guides and Railscasts. There is a good, free to
use online, tutorial at railstutorial.org. Make sure that any
tutorial (or book) you use is for Rails 3 (and make sure you install
Rails 3). The book Agile Development with Rails is good (again make
sure the edition you get is for Rails 3). The Pickaxe book is the one
for Ruby.


RoR is web application framework and it assumes that you already know
ruby programming language. Before learning RoR I think you want to learn
ruby language first. Start here

You can try this Rails 3 tutorial: Learn rails by example:

After you finish this tutorial, you will know how wonderful Rails 3 is
and know why Java is not get close to it.