regarding info

Hi all ,
   I am dont know Ruby at all but I would like to learn ROR is that
possible Or I should learn ruby first after that Go for ROR...


I started from that situation also. I worked through the book Agile Web Development with Rails, which starts from the assumption that you know nothing about either, and found that an excellent introduction. If you do this make sure you get the 3rd edition which uses the current version of Rails.


better to resolve some situations where you need do pure Ruby code
inside a Rails application, so you can do a good quality of code.
Here you have the link to the ruby documentation at and of course you should read some book,
this will be an advantage to resolve quickly your doubts.

Another good link here at

Good luck, Cesar

The Agile Web Development with Rails book has an appendix covering
some Ruby basics, which should be enough to get the OP started.

Also, you might like to try this quick tutorial - only takes 15 mins
and runs in your browser :slight_smile:


Robert has a good tutorial on RoR, its old but a good place to
start with.
Then you can continue with