git push doen't change my live application

Every time I make changes and push, my app doesn't change. I use
dreamhost and when I push the changes it make a folder with the app
call releases/20090424185029 but it always shows the app of an older
date? How do I make it so the the push's affect the live app?

Sorry if this isn't really rails related.

What web server are you using? Also, I’m guessing that you’re using

Capistrano with Git. Is this correct? Please feel free to add any additional



I am using dreamhost. All I i want to do is make changes on my
application and push them live. Yes I am using capistrano with git.

When you say git push? Do you mean an actual git push, or are we
talking cap deploy ?

If its cap deploy you need to make sure that your application has
restarted. What application server is it that you are using? Thin,
Mongrel, Apache?

BTW here is the Capistrano group

I'm using passenger

Are you remembering to restart the server by touching tmp/restart.txt?

I have:

namespace :deploy do
  task :restart do
    run "touch #{current_path}/tmp/restart.txt"

in my deploy.rb

Can you tell from a log somewhere whether it is restarting?

It was at the bottom of everything. I'm not sure why cap deploy wasn't
working but now it runs fine. Thanks for responding though.