where is the latest capistrano info?

i am trying to figure out capistrano and am not having much luck. i've
read through most of the tutorial on the rails site, but am not having
much luck.

i've heard that the info on the rails site is kind of outdated and
being a beginner, i'm not sure if there is something i'm doing wrong,
or if the latest version of capistrano and/or rails has made things

so far, i've been able to successfully run rake deploy and have all of
the files moved to the remote server without problems. but it does not
run the migrations, so when i look in the database, everything is still
empty on the remote server.

also, while trying to troubleshoot my problems, it says that i can run
rake show_deploy_tasks to find all of the tasks that are available, yet
it gives me an error that says that it doesn't know how to build that

if anyone can point me in the right direction, i would greatly
appreciate it... online resources, books, whatever.


You must run the migrations, too:

rake remote:migrate


rake remote:exec ACTION="migrate"

You can also use:

rake remote:deploy_with_migrations

to deploy then migrate.

the show tasks command has changed, its:

rake remote:show_tasks

you're almost there, don't give up!

thank you so much for the info Charles.

i'm definitely starting to see all the power in using capistrano and
wish i had started using this sooner.

are there any books out there or recipes on doing some more advanced

when i deply, i'm also still having to go in and copy my
database.example.yml and change permissions on several of my tmp
directories. also, if my development environment is different from the
production server, what is the best way to handle multiple config

i was thinking about doing it similar to the way the database.yml is
handled. have a production config and use capistrano to cp it to the
right place once the app is deployed.

Search the archives, just a few weeks back we helped someone solve this problem.

Also check the capistrano google group.

And here's a pretty sophisticated cap recipe with a few cool tricks up
it's sleaves: