Capistrano Deployment Delay

I have an RoR app happily deployed on Dreamhost with Capistrano. Sometimes when I do an update and cap deploy the changes are available as soon as I log in, others take a few minutes, some take overnight. I can see the dispatch.fcgi being restarted at the end of the deployment. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks in advance.

Are you using any caching? If so, are the caches cleaned when you deploy?


I have the same issue as the OP. No caching or any other voodoo being intentionally done on my part.

I've always just assumed that DH has a cron job they run once an hour or so that flushes something out (not sure what), and that the variability in how long it takes is a fumction of how closely your deployment lines up with the timing of said cron job.

Capistrano takes the "this site down for maintenance" page down when it's done, so I just start the deployment before I go to sleep.

- f

No caching or anything fancy running. Is there a specific task I could add to deploy.rb to clean out caches just in case?

Thanks, Hugh