fcgi problems - rails and dreamhost

Mitchell Hashimoto wrote:

I'm on dreamhost and when I began developing on it I had many problems with this exact nature. I had to manually kill the processes.

Dreamhost gives you a free SVN service, so what I do now is just use Capistrano. It allows me to very easily deploy my applications using less time, giving me more time to develop. It also restarts the FCGI processes using the reaper script.

I love it.

An interesting tip I read on the DreamHost wiki is that if you use the touch command to change the modification date of your dispatch.fcgi file

[garvey]$ touch public/dispatch.fcgi

it will cause your application to be reloaded.

I've just tested this, and it appears to work after a short delay (I changed a controller and saw the result of the change after a couple of requests to that controller).


   Justin Forder