Getting Started

So far I’m disappointed with what I see as red flags. I follow along what seems like foolproof instructions. I install everything, rails new /some/new/app cd to the directory and rails server and my worst fears cryptic useless stack trace…so I copy the top line, search for stuff on this sqllite3 adaptor to fix it, I type the gem install command it mentions (gem install activerecord-sqllite3-adaptor) I copy and paste that so it’s no typo and I get ERROR not found (really, ruby on rails prides self on coming with all dependencies? ya right and if it’s too slow on top of that, I might as well go to VS2012 on Windows 8 Metro and RIA services or eclipse and EJB 2.0 for masochistic fun)

It feels like something when wrong early - you need to take a step back rather than ploughing on. There’s a bit of code in rails that tries to be helpful and if a load error occurs while trying to load the foo database adapter suggests that you install activerecord-foo-adapter. However the active record adapter for sqlite3 is actually part of rails, so this advice doesn’t get you anywhere. Buried a little deeper is the real solution : add the sqlite3 gem to your bundle. That should be what you get by default. Perhaps you’re following some old instructions?