Full text search on Rails using the acts_as_solr plugin

Hi everyone,

We've just released our "fork" of the acts_as_solr plugin that we've
been using for a while now to power the full text search on our
projects. The fork features some changes to the way configurations are
made, updates Solr and the Jetty HTTP server, better error handing, is
fully compatible with will_paginate view helpers and :page/:per_page
options and we feel it's a great option to the Rails full text search

Obviouly the plugin keeps one of the best features that is the live
index update (no need to write cron tasks or anything to update your
models, once your active_record object is saved or updated it's sent
to be indexed by Solr).

If anyone is interested in checking it out, here's our sample tutorial
at GitHub - http://wiki.github.com/mauricio/acts_as_solr

And here's the plugin repo - http://github.com/mauricio/acts_as_solr/tree/master

Cheers and I hope this email doesn't stars a flamewar :wink: