acts_as_solr plugin fate?

Just wanted to see if I was using the latest acts_as_solr plugin, but
the URL <> takes me to a GoDaddy
domain parking page.

Anyone know what's happened to railsfreaks, and more particularly
this plugin?

I suggest rsolr, since it is actively being developed (the Rails 3
version is in beta, but you can get it with --pre)

I recently switched to rsolr for that reason.

Thanks for the recommendation.

I'm still interested in knowing if anyone has a fork of the last release
of acts_as_solr (if that's later than 0.9 development), since it's in use
in a large complex legacy Rails app.

It's on github --


I had found an online reference to the latest being on the railsfreaks
site, and that appears to be the case because what we have is later
than the one on github.

Thanks, though. I'll snag it to compare.

There's an acts_as_solr_reloaded that Google suggested, also on Github, it looks like it has been given some new tricks.


Apparently I missed that, and it looks like a drop-in replacement.