acts_as_solr v.0.8 has been released

The new release v.0.8 of acts_as_solr is out and includes:

NEW - New video tutorial NEW - Faceted search has been implemented and its possible to 'drill- down' on the facets NEW - New rake tasks you can use to start/stop the solr server in test, development and production environments: (thanks Matt Clark) rake solr:start|stop RAILS_ENV=test|development|production (defaults to development if none given)

NEW - Changes to the plugin's test framework and it now supports Sqlite as well (thanks Matt Clark) FIX - Patch applied (thanks Micah) that allows one to have multiple solr instances in the same servlet FIX - Patch applied (thanks Micah) that allows indexing of STIs FIX - Patch applied (thanks Gordon) that allows the plugin to use a table's primary key different than 'id' FIX - Returning empty array instead of empty strings when no records are found FIX - Problem with unit tests failing due to order of the tests and speed of the commits

== About == This plugin adds full text search capabilities and many other nifty features from Apache's Solr to any Rails model

== Installation == On your Rails' root directory, just type   script/plugin install

== Very Basic Usage == Just include the line below to any of your ActiveRecord models:   acts_as_solr

Or if you want, you can specify only the fields that should be indexed:   acts_as_solr :fields => [:name, :author]

Then to find instances of your model, just do:   Model.find_by_solr(query) or Model.find_id_by_solr(query)

Or if you want to specify the starting row and the number of rows per page:   Model.find_by_solr(query, :start => 0, :rows => 10)

Get it while it's hot =>