acts_as_solr v.0.9 has been released

It's with great pleasure that I announce this great milestone for the acts_as_solr plugin. Thanks to all who contributed with ideas, patches, etc.

========= About ========= This plugin adds full text search capabilities and many other nifty features from Apache's Solr to any Rails model.

========= IMPORTANT: Before you Upgrade from v.0.8.5 ========= If you are currently using the embedded Solr in production environment, please make sure you backup the data directory before upgrading to version 0.9 because the directory where Solr lives now is under acts_as_solr/solr instead of acts_as_solr/test/solr.

========= Changes ============ NEW: Added the option :scores when doing a search. If set to true this will return the score as a 'solr_score' attribute or each one of the instances found   books = Book.find_by_solr 'ruby OR splinter', :scores => true   books.records.first.solr_score   => 1.21321397   books.records.last.solr_score   => 0.12321548

NEW: Major change on the way the results returned are accessed.   books = Book.find_by_solr 'ruby'   # the above will return a SearchResults class with 4 methods:   # docs|results|records: will return an array of records found