Fork and run external application and use telnet to control it?


I need to build a web based control panel für an external application
which cannot be detached.

When I'm running it at the moment I need two terminal windows and it
looks like this:

Window 1:
$ ./ext_app
...server started

Window 2:
$ telnet localhost 9000
connected to server
input: startchannel 1
starting channel 1...
input: allowip localhost
added ip localhost...
input: exit

While I do all the inputs in window 2, window 1 logs it all.

So my question is if there's an easy way to:
1. Fork the rails application so it can call and run ./ext_app
2. Connect to the server via telnet and execute all these commands

All web-based, of course :slight_smile:

Any ideas/suggestions are highly appreciated! Thanks