Run ruby web app from command line


I made a quite simple ruby web app. It uses scrubyt and mysql to store results as cached results. The program is quite simple. It shows a form, you enter a value and the controller makes an external http call, parse the data and show the result for the user.

But I have a problem. I have the requirement to let a ruby program from command line more or less run the same function that on web is been handled by the form controller.

How can I re-use the web app when doing a standalone program callable from command line? I dont want to recode as all the app is already functioning. I am requested to do a ruby program that is called like this:

ruby ./client.rb some_param

Where should I put this client.rb? How do I use the code from the application that runs on the web?

Have a google for 'command-line ruby' and read up on the gets() method. As far as where to put client.rb, that could be anywhere given the command-line you quoted. Starting the ruby method's first argument with a dot-slash means "starting in the current directory…" and the rest just points the ruby executable to the file client.rb in that directory. Are you meaning to call a Rails application using this command-line interface? Have a read on the Rails Runner. I don't remember anything about it except I saw it mentioned in passing in AWDWROR when I read it years ago, never used it.