is there a Telnet Rails Application that someone has build/released?


Does anyone know if there is a secure Telnet Rails Web Application that is available? i.e. to allow a telnet (SSH) session but in a web-application form (i.e. you deploy the rails application on the host you want to telnet to)

Background (if you wondering why I ask) is because I haven’t solved the following, and I see this is one way around the constraint I have:

You can't in any clean way. You might be able to write a proxy which looked at the first bits of traffic to come in and, depending on whether the traffic looks like the start of an SSL or SSH connection, proxy the packets directly to an appropriate local server. This is kind of messy, though (and gets into all sorts of issues related to long-lived vs. short-lived connections).

That said, you might be able to do something with Ajaxterm, giving you a terminal via SSL (rather than SSH):


re “a terminal via SSL (rather than SSH)” - Yes this is what I interested / meant to ask about. Has someone already created a Rails application (that could run under SSL) that uses AJAX to create a “telnet” like (of “ssh” like) terminal to the server?

I've heard rumor that Slicehost's console is Ajaxterm, somehow
integrated with Rails.

Let me turn your question on its head: what kind of integration do
you need? What do you need from Rails, specifically? Is there a
reason you couldn't run Ajaxterm alongside a Rails app (given that you
appear to be using Apache and, presumably, could use mod_rewrite to
funnel traffic to appropriate app)?


I’m open to any solution that is easy for me to install on my Linux firewall PC, that has Apache running (see I just mentioned Rails I guess because I have deployed/built a rails application before, so if it were buggy or needed some mod’s it would be easier for me.

What is Ajaxterm?