Error on RoR on Linux

Hi There,

I have installed rails on my linux server. I want to write little apps
or use stuff that is out there to improve our business flow. I have
played a bit with php and can do some basic stuff on it. I bought the
Agile web and Ruby on Rails by Steve Holzner and have done
some basic on my windows pc. But, I am having a problem getting the
code to run on my linux server. I get this error when I run a app with
webrix or simply apache: -

Not Found

The requested URL /rails/store/public/rails/info/properties was not
found on this server.

My Rails directory is under /var/www//rails but as you can see it
throws in a /rails/info/properties option which, as it says, does not

Can anyone help me work out the problem please? Maybe I should remove

I would really really appreciate it


What linux, and what version?
What version of Ruby, Rails, etc, etc.

There are possibly a bazillion answers out there for a question similar
to yours, but you need to provide more information in order to qualify
those answers.

If you're running Ubuntu, there a lot of help for Rails on Ubuntu on the
Ubuntu boards. Other linux versions, I can't answer as I don't use any
other linux.

are you using webrick ?

For starting out and just exploring I would not bother with Apache.
Just use webrick and put your application somewhere in your normal
login directory and run it from there. When you have the app developed
and are thinking about deploying it for further use you can think about
other server options. Personally I have installed mongrel and usually
use that for a server in development. This is on Ubuntu Hardy.


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