Developing a Rails server on XP

I followed the following site step by step:

In the past this worked perfect. However, this weekend I started
rebuilding a rails server. I can get it running ok, but when I get
the "Welcome abaord, you're riding rails" welcome screen, I click on
the "About your application's environment" link and it drops down and
says "The requested URL /rails/info/properties was not found". If I
use Webrick and navigate to http://localhost:3000/ and click it, it
works fine.

So I'm guessing it has something to do with the way rails works with
apache? But I can't find an answer anywhere how/where to fix it?

Any suggestions?

/rails/info/properties is only available in development environment.
If you run the application in production environment then that URI
will not be recognized.

I found the answer (finally)....

Rails 2.1 no longer includes the needed .htaccess file....once I added
that every problem I was having was fixed.

The best way to deploy a Rails application on Windows is outlined in the “Deploying Rails Applications” book from Prags. Use Apache 2.2 with mod_proxy_balance and several Mongrels installed as Windows Services. It’s the most stable and scalable solution.

I think one reason to remove the .htaccess file was to discourage the use of fastcgi. I don’t long for those days, personally.

As an alternate solution may I suggest Engine Yard Express with VMWare

Thank you for making that available. It’s so nice not to have to maintain my own anymore :slight_smile: