Error in Resque implementation

To implement resque in application, I am following the this example. I have done only one change, to not take 'idea' variable value from user input. I have given bydefault value for this variable. This code ruby files are in RAILS_ROOT/lib/ folder. Whenever I run the program with command ruby idea_analyzer.rb, I see

[root@ps3042 lib]# ruby idea_analyzer.rb Analyzing your idea: I will learn ruby Asking for a job to analyze: I Asking for a job to analyze: will Asking for a job to analyze: learn Asking for a job to analyze: ruby

And when I run resque-web command on the console, and see sinatra app screen in the browser, I see job in failed queue with error 'uninitialized constant WordAnalyzer'

I have rake running: rake resque:work QUEUE=*

My redis-server is running. It shows continous logs like 2 clients connected (0 slaves), 471575 bytes in use, 0 shared objects

Can anyone tell me on this error?

Thanks in advance.

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