Problem in resque: job not getting removed from queue when finished processing


I am using resque, and resque-scheduler in my rails application. I am
facing strange problem in using resque-scheduler. One of my job is not getting removed from queue, once it finishes with the ‘perform’ method. I
need to kill it explicitly to get out of the queue, then other jobs in the queue starts executing.

Job class is simple, like:

                    class FooJob
                      @queue = :high_volume

                      def self.perform
                        puts "FooJob#perform:"
                        # some method call

And resque_schedule.yml contains:

                      cron: "15 * * * *"
                      class: FooJob
                      description: "enqueue jobs from Foo"

Can it be problem with gem versions or memory issue? or any other?

Thanks in advance for any pointers

This is not an issue for the Rails-core mailing list. This list is only for issues about core components of Rails, such as code patches or bugfixes. For normal questions about Rails, please ask them on rubyonrails-talk.