Need help for Resque job.

Hi Friends,

I have a scenario where I am calling a resque jobs within the resque job which is already initiated.

The below mentioned infinite code is just a example: The code will executed till all the jobs are not completed. BUT the issue is that when I write the below code the jobs never completed. It get stucked somewhere.


  1. If I am not writing the below code then it work well.

  2. I am using below code to let the system know that the job is completed.

  3. I have used the resque-status but my required is different so resque-status won’t help much.

  4. Just wanted to know if there is any way I can let the system auto know that the job is done.

count = 0
loop do
break if job_ids.blank?

        job_id  = job_ids[count]
        job     = Resque::Plugins::Status::Hash.get(job_id)
        if job["status"].eql?('completed')

        elsif job_id["status"].eql?('failed')
            return false
        count = count.eql?(1) ? 0 : 1

Thank you, for all your help


Resque works with Redis. Why not use Redis to keep track of executed jobs?


Have you looked at the resque-web interface? What do you see in the ‘Statuses’ tab? This article on ‘How to Install and Configure Resque to Handle Background Jobs in Rails 4.1’ might help.