Error after installing Ruby on Rails: Application error Application failed to start properly

I have Ruby on Rails installed on my host but something went wrong because it does not want to run, it gives the following error when I'm going to my application:

'Application error Application failed to start properly'

Problem Determination 101: Look at the logs.

Under log/ folder you can find your log files. Take a look at them because your error msg isn't really helpful.

Also have you asked your hosting provider if it's possible to run Ruby apps on your host? Make sure you're using RVM and Rails3, not older version, and check the same about your hosting.

Does your app run on your local machine? Because if it does properly then your move up your files you need to change the mode to production from development (which is default in Rails).

Highly recommend using Heroku with Git and you can avoid all hosting problems.

Good luck, let me know in private if you still having problems, cheers, Zoli


yes, turns out my host provider does not support 3.0.7 :frowning:

How do I access the log files? I am new at this (a new Ruby on Rails user)


They're in the 'log' directory of your application. (There may also be pertinent information in the log files of your web server, but you'll have to figure out where your provider has installed that.)