Eliminating spam on Ruby Forum

Kaps Lok wrote:

I don't know about you guys and gals, but the daily spam messages making
their way into these forums is giving me the $hit$. I think what we need
is a button to mark messages as spam, so someone can blow them away, and
then ban the user.

If there's no moderator, I can imagine it's not something someone would
want to do constantly, maybe a ranking system where, say more than 10
votes from unique users automatically kills the message and puts the
user into a black list. That way the forum users are the spam police.

What do you people think?

I think you are on a mailing list :slight_smile: and:
- Google doesn't provide this service,
- it wouldn't help people using the classic mail delivery (which may or may not be the majority -> it may not even work at all).

SPAM isn't really a problem for me, but Thunderbird is throwing them in my Junk folder automatically, so...