Eliminating spam on Ruby Forum

Kaps Lok wrote:

I don't know about you guys and gals, but the daily spam messages making their way into these forums is giving me the $hit$. I think what we need is a button to mark messages as spam, so someone can blow them away, and then ban the user.

If there's no moderator, I can imagine it's not something someone would want to do constantly, maybe a ranking system where, say more than 10 votes from unique users automatically kills the message and puts the user into a black list. That way the forum users are the spam police.

What do you people think?   

Hi Kaps Lok,

A number of things get blocked by my Thurnderbird filter that "Junks" emails from the following emails (I'm assuming that you're on the mailing list - not reading it on the web)

Here are the emails to block.

rania.desai@gmail.com moona.naeem@gmail.com sarah.singh9000@gmail.com sheetal.sinha1@gmail.com tania.rajpot@gmail.com maria.gil2@gmail.com koom2020@gmail.com chozzhan@gmail.com desigac@gmail.com a.kaur11@gmail.com elizibet.gill@gmail.com myreplicasupplier@yahoo.com smartnobia@gmail.com lapadat@gmail.com gazarche84@yahoo.com coolguy17111987@gmail.com ecastroph@gmail.com fridy@126.com imtiaz459ali@gmail.com zo0oma.blackhole@gmail.com"

Cheers, Mohit. 7/11/2007 | 12:29 PM.