Is anybody doing anything about the spam on this list?

It seems to me that the amount of span on this last has gotten a lot worse over the last couple of months. Are we hoping that Google filters out spam? Or is that the responsiblity of the list owners or something? I admit I'm not sure how this is supposed to work.

I use Google Groups to read the list... perhaps I should use GMail instead and hope that GMail's filters will catch the spam?


a lot of the spam is from Ruby-forum. The guy ( I can't remember his name) has been very responsive when asked to block users here:

Gmail catches quite a bit of it, but some still gets through. I just report it and it seems to drop a bit for a while. Ive noticed most come from either the forums or from infected machines.

Ditto on increased spam. I haven't tried reporting it (via Gmail) for fear it would block legitimate mail. But Richard, you're saying this hasn't been the case for you?

I'm 99% sure Google's spam algorithm is the same for everyone. So reporting or not reporting spam has essentially no marginal effect on what Google blocks for you. However it does have an effect on improving their spam algorithm.

However, I report spam directly here in the group (available under the More options link).

Cool, I'll be more diligent about using that, and let's hope things improve.

Thanks. Jeff

I’ve been directing everything to my gmail account (auto-archiving/tagging it) and using the gmail spam filter. It’s trainable, but watch the false positives. It’s like a 2 steps forward, 1 back process.

I get about 90% of it filtered.