easy_translate 0.1.1

== Name

== Synopsis
Ruby binding for Google Translate that supports Batch Translation.
Great, clean syntax for server-side translations.

== Install
gem install easy_translate

== Why not rtranslate or rsay?
* Only Ruby binding to have support for Bulk Translations
* Only Ruby binding to offer POST support for long translations
* Supports every option in the API, especially API keys and user_ip,
which most Ruby bindings skip over.
* Has an extremely clean syntax (see below)

== Examples

# => "Hola, mundo"
EasyTranslate.translate('Hello, world', :to => :spanish)

# batch translation? => ["¡Hola", "Despedida"]
EasyTranslate.translate(['Hello', 'Goodbye'], :to => :spanish)

# what if you're even crazier? => [['¡Hola', 'Despedida'], ['Ciao',
EasyTranslate.translate(['Hello', 'Goodbye'], :to => [:es, :it])

# translate something into every language in Google Translate
# with a single API call
EasyTranslate.translate('hello', :to => EasyTranslate.LANGUAGES.keys)

== Thanks

John Crepezzi

twitter: @seejohnrun
github: http://github.com/seejohnrun

Blog Introduction to easy_translate: