I use ChatGPT to translate the Rails guide

I did a hobby project recently and I’d like to share the result with you. I used ChatGPT API to translate the Rails Guide into different languages. So far I’ve done 9 languages with the latest version of the Rails Guide:

  • Taiwan’s Traditional Chinese🇹🇼: zh-TW
  • French🇫🇷 : fr
  • Japanese🇯🇵 : jp
  • Korean🇰🇷: ko
  • Espanõl🇪🇸: es
  • Lithuanian🇱🇹: lt
  • Brazilian Portuguese🇧🇷: pt-BR
  • Thai🇹🇭: th
  • Simplified Chinese🇨🇳: zh-CN

I’m only allowed to have at most 5 links in a topic here, so please append the language code to the URL, ai.rails-guide.com like https://ai.rails-guide.com/zh-TW, to enter the guide of a specific language version.

People may argue that it’s the developers’ responsibility to understand English well. The fact is that for many talented developers in non-English-speaking countries, learning English is really difficult for them. A Rails Guide in their own languages can really lower the barrier to learning Rails.

I think the quality of AI translation is fair enough though it’s not perfect compared to human efforts. However, it can translate the Rails Guide into any language within several hours and at a pretty low cost. Generally speaking, I think it’s a good idea to use AI this way and ease the lack of volunteers in some open-source communities.

I wrote an article about how I do that Dear AI, can you translate the Rails Guide for me? - DEV Community . To be honest, the implementation of the translation was really simple. Most of the code is handling the file structure and formatting. Please check it out if it’s interesting for you :smiley: