Multilingual Site

I am starting a new project and I am somewhat new to Rails. One of the requirements for the new site is it going to have to handle multiple languages. Currently around 14 languages. I will be creating the English version and then I will be sending the views to other people to translate. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am creating a Language table in my database and displaying the text based on the language_id given. Is there a better way?

jonbaty, I am doing the same thing at the moment. We don't have date or money issues (we are running for one country but supporting different languages). We're going ahead with GLoc. Still coming to grips with it, but it seems pretty close to what we do in java/jstl. It is not (maybe it could be, not sure) db based - it is file based though.

Thanks for the quick reply, Mike. I saw this a few days ago and will look into it some more. I just did not know if i was headed in a wrong way or if there was a really easy way of doing it and I was missing it.

sorry phil, i think you were writing the same time i was writing mine. My boss is off all this week so i will get with him and decide. I just wondered if i was on the right track. It is going a lot slower than i thought. I guess they all do..... thanks for the reply