how do you support languages? [DAMN IT!*]

nobody ever answer my questions!! :slight_smile:

Sorry, to hear no one ever answer you questions…

Maybe you asking the wrong person the question…


I’ve been on the list forever, but my questions are often ignored… I wonder if it’s because of my poor english or for the stupid questions!


I've been on the list forever, but my questions are often ignored..
I wonder if it's because of my poor english

Understandable by me, at least; not a native english speaker.

or for the stupid questions!

There's no stupid question; just stupid people who doesn't ask.

But, checking in your past messages, I think you must give more
information. I used to be in Rails in early 2006, and left it one day
because had no time to learn. With my knowledge which is not strong at
all, I can understand what are others asking, and probably I can
answer some easy stuff, but that doesn't happen with your questions.

1.- Be sure to put in context on what are you using: Rails version,
plugins you are using and their configuration.
2.- Make sure there's nothing in the net which can answer you. Google
helps a lot before asking on a list.
3.- Once you follow the instructions in Google, if you have doubts,
you must mention which pages you readed.

Wrong way: "Hello, how to translate my interface from a database?"

Good way:

Hello all. I am using Ruby on Rails 2.2 (edge). I am using
internationalization as described in (1). There, in the title
"Populating the translations storage", I found that I can use a
database as a backend for my translation. But this doesn't give me any
example and I don't have more references in Google."


Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Although more verbose, it's more understandable and shows up you did
research before asking. And don't forget to follow up your answers,
and to publish how did you solve it (or at least a "Thanks, DHH, that
worked!!!"). Next time someone needs to translate, will probably
arrive to the solution you provided => you are helping others the same
way others helped you :wink:

Best regards,

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Your second post was at:

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So you waited less than 3 hours for a reply, and were upset because
no-one stopped what they were doing just to answer your query?

Some of us don't reply because:
a) having not done any internationalization, I don't know the answer.

b) posting an "I don't know" doesn't help anyone, and clutters the
board, and would probably lead to disappointment (or more cursing on
your part) when the thread was opened only to find out that I don't know
the answer.

Patience grasshopper... the community is generally very helpful, you
just have to give it time to happen.

Indeed, I’ve rarely seen a question pass on this list that didn’t get answered within a day. Except maybe questions that can’t even be called that (e.g. “I want an app that mows my lawn. Where do i get it?”). There’s something called timezones in this world too.

If you need answers really quick, I’m sure there are some nice Ruby on Rails consultants out there that will happily answer all your questions immediately as long as you pay them for their services.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

True true the repost was’t really intentional and I was making fun of my questions never picked up by anyone :smiley: