translate_routes: plugin to translate URLs on an easy way

Hi, I have released the translate_routes plugin, which provides a simple way to translate your URLs to any number of languages. All routes automatically add a configurable parameter to the request so your controllers can setup an internationalized response.

The plugin has been designed to be easy to use: - As it works after routing processing, it plays nice with all kind of routing definitions, including RESTful and named routes - It takes care of your current routing helpers transparently, adapting them to the requested language - It makes possible to use yaml files to store your translation strings, so it doesn't need to mess your routes.rb

A sample application shows how to integrate the plugin with your views, controllers and tests - the app runs on rails2.1 but we have been using the plugin since rails2.0 exactly on the same way.

You can find the code, docs and the sample application on GitHub:

I'd like to say thanks to Domestika Internet for making this release possible. This is my first plugin so I'm pretty sure it can be improved on many ways, any feedback will be welcome! :wink: