dl is deprecated plz use fiddle

I am creating my first app , a warning appeared " dl is deprecated
please use fiddle " knowing that I a beginner , I dont know how to solve
this problem. I am running ruby 2.1.5p273 , rails 4.1.8 ,gem 2.2.2
I thought I am having a problem with installation of ruby on rails on
pleaze is there any help for this ?

I guess you are trying to use Windows, though I may be wrong. My
recommended solution for this problem is to use a Linux distribution
such as Ubuntu, or use a Mac. You can either run Ubuntu inside a
virtual machine on windows or dual boot the machine with Win and
Ubuntu. I do the latter.

You may be able to find a solution using Win, but even if you do you
will find it much more difficult to get help as most Rails developers
use Linux or Mac.


Google the error.

It’s not a problem - some library you use (i think it might even be one bundled with ruby) is using an old way of loading code and the message is warning you that it won’t be available in a future version of ruby. It won’t stop anything working for now.


This is only one of the problems that will face using windows.

please use linux or even a virtual machine.

There are also http://c9.io and http://nitrous.io

are cloud platforms for creating Ruby on Rails apps.

can any one help me to install ruby on rails on win7 step by step!
I think it's possible as long as there is versions of windows on the

I would be gratefull