Database arquitecture for Soccer World Cup Pool

Hi guys!

I’m starting with Ruby on Rails and am trying to build a Pool for the WC.

I’m a bit confused as to how my MVC should look like (specifically the database).

What I’ve done so far is

  1. created the users: controller, model and views

  2. created fixtures: model, controller

Is this the right approach? Please ask if you need more info.



While I’m still learning Ruby on Rails (But heck played with my first ‘non hartl tutorial’ gem in paperclip myself this past weekend) I am very much a database design and normalization kind of guy - if you can provide more information on what your pool for the world cup entails I’d be more than happy to help you work out the database information.

How does your pool work? What sort of competition is it? What sort of data do you want to display (to dteremine the need for indeces) - what do you mean by ‘fixtures’?

Off the top of my head a tournament tool database requires entrants, teams, and a table to track various picks.

I have thought about creating a ‘tournament’ application that would build tournament brackets based on the type of tournmament, entries, etc…

Anyone else interested in that?:slight_smile: