convert website into mobile app

I originally set out to learn how to do this with android studio but then i found that there’s these sites that offer to do it for you so i tried Appy Pie it created an app that says website in gigantic letters at the top border Of course thats not wanted Does anyone have a good site to recommend to do the conversion website to mobile app?

What do you actually mean convert website into a mobile app?

I have done this with one line of code using Basic4Android. Basically, make sure your website is mobile friendly and just write an android app that wraps up the website in a webview.

If you want I can do it for you and give you the .apk. I haven’t touched basic4android in a year or two, but it’s very easy (equivalent to writing javascript).

I’ve also got a google developers account, I can upload the .apk and get it up on google play.

if you want to try out basic4android, it’s