As Rails continuously grows, I want to know this: What is the best way to make a Rails app into a mobile app?

I’m pretty sure many people would like to know this.

What do you consider to be the difference between a normal app and a mobile app?


Make your views compatible with mobile screens by ensuring they resize nicely.

The view layer of your app is dependent on how you style your views. Thus, this is a question of which JavaScript library you'll use or how you set the layout of your app via CSS/HTML.

As an example, rails is a server side technology. Jquery, SproutCore, Sencha, HTML5 etc... would be more client based. And would impact your views directly.

The way my team builds apps is we have our Rails server handle authentication and serves json strings for our database.

Our client side tech of choice is SproutCore. We tend to make one app for tablets and desktop alike but choose to build a different UI for our mobile app demographic.

The database, our rails server, is shared between all versions of our app.

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