Any One Has Noticed The New Javascript (sproutcore) Framework Based On Ruby?

I just saw the Apple's WWDC, found this frame work very interesting, and cool.

I wonder if we can both use Rails & sproutcore.


Since Rails is a serverside framework (just like CakePHP, Symphony and the Java counterparts) handling serverside operations and Sproutcore is a clientside Javascript framework (just like ExtJS for example), there is no reason why the two won’t mix. You just write your clientside code, then implement the serverside logic to provide those clienside gui components with the data they expect.

If you’re looking for ready-made view helpers, you’re out of luck. IMHO, if you don’t understand the way these clientside gui components work and how they do what they are supposed to do, you’re better off not using them. View helpers already make you run into walls if you want to venture beyond simple ajax functionality and these gui components, whether that’s sproutcore or extjs, go way beyond that.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt