Rails alternative to Flash slideshows?

Does Rails (I guess prototype) have some tools to create “slideshows” as an alternative to Flash?

I just want a series of images (as a sub-part of a web page, not be the whole page) to fade into each other, and to advance manually if clicked.

I’ve been googling, but not finding anything definitive.

– gw

You might take a look at sproutcore framework. Apparently is what
Apple is using for MobileMe web applications including their excellent
photo viewer and slideshow.


If you want a slideshow for a few images then I think this plugin is a
great solution... easy and light ...


Are you using sproutcore with rails, Robert?

If so, are you willing to share any how-to info.

I am impressed with the framework but the documentation hasn't been
able to keep pace, and I have come up empty on my search to learn how
to use spoutcore with rails. (Or is it rails with sproutcore?)

Any information gratefully received,