Rails and Android/IoS

Hi guys,

I am currently developing a web app and a mobile app with pretty much
the same guts. As we all know, entering 'rails s' will allow me to
pull the site up in my local browser at 'localhost:3000'. Is there
anyway I can access this from my mobile phone so that I can see how it
looks before sending it to a public host? Currently I'm deploying to
Heroku to access the mobile site....which makes for tedious back and

Thanks and Regards.

One way is to download one of the desktop emulators for the mobile OS
of your choice.

You can also make your site "live" on the web with a bit of router
port-forwarding, and point your mobile at the correct IP/port.

Have a look at http://pow.cx from 37 Signals. If you are using your local WiFi network on both your computer and your phone, it should Just Work™.


On the phone you should just be able to browse to
http://<ip of pc>:3000
so something like


Just connect both your computer and phone to same wifi network and point phones browser to your computers ip address:3000

WOW!!! Thank you for all these good suggestions!! I will try them out.
Thank you so much guys!!

install orical virtual box on your system and dowanload liva anroid on you pc adn give source file to virtual box and start anroid and then enter url ites comunicate with local server in your system

jayesh dalwadi