Accessing my "homemade" rails server


I have instant rails installed and am messing around with Ruby/Rails. I'm pretty new to this, but how do I access what I've made from other internet connected computers.

Server is running on port 3000 (i hope that is what radrails is reporting, and app works fine in that environment)

My ipconfig returns (XXX omitted for security, not that it may or may not matter to any hacker)

ip address: 192.XXX.1.3 subnet mask default gateway: 192.XXX.1.1

I am "developing" on an upstairs computer connected w/ router.

I thought I would be able to access with http://192.XXX.1.1:3000/say/hello i've also tried 192.XXX.1.3:3000/say/hello

doesn't work. Any help?


I bet I can guess your IP!

10.10.*.* and 192.168.*.* are reserved for internal private networks, so you don't have to worry about people getting into your computer using those IPs.

If you are having trouble connecting using another machine on the same subnet, your firewall is probably blocking your request.

To access an internal address you will have to enable "port forwarding" on your router/firewall. Basically you set your router to take all traffic requests on a specific port (in this case, 3000) to redirect to an internal IP. Depending on your router this could be simple or a chore.