how to run my application in browser without web connecting

Hello, you don't need access to the internet to view your app on localhost unless the application has dependencies that are on an external network (like a remote database server, etc). After you run script server, make sure it is actually starting. Take a look at development.log in the log directory of your rails application and make sure there are no errors during startup. Just to make sure there is nothing missing in your hosts file, you can also try . Good luck and I hope this helps you somehow.

Guo Yangguang wrote:

That Tingling Sensation ... that is: the error message means, that
your mongrel-server is working alright.

it's the error message for an Application running in production-mode
check the following:
- is the mysql server running ? is it listening on port 3306 on the
localhost ?
- are you accessing the mysqlserver (look into database.yml) via the
localhost or
- what error-messages are there in the production.log ?
- have you given the right permissions to the user that is described
in database.yml ?
- is the phpmyadmin working within instantrails ? (should be or something similar.

hope this confuses you less than it helps