[chennaiocc] Looking for Ruby on Rails developers - Remote working is also accepted.


I am Karthik and I am developing an HTML5 application for creating mockups and a css previewer (something like webputty from FogCreek). I am looking for a few good ruby on rails developers. I am in search for the following skills :

  1. Rails 3.1/3.2 with devise, omniauth, experience
  2. jQuery + HTML5
  3. Frontend skills are a good to have but not necessary
  4. Git
  5. Heroku deployment experience will be a plus.

I am willing to pay a monthly salary of upto Rs. 30,000 per month (if you are really good, you can always talk me into paying more). But more importantly, please apply only if you are :

  1. Willing to work in a startup
  2. A code geek and loves writing beautiful and powerful code
  3. A self driven, responsible coder who likes to be trusted and in turn gets things done for the company.
  4. More importantly, a StarWars fan.

I would be glad if you can send me a github profile and other pieces of code that you have written previously. If you feel one of your friends could fit in, do share this with them.


Hello Karthik,
               I am B.Tech Computer Science final year
student.Presently, i am taking training in a software company where i
already developed a project on Ruby on Rails on Automated Report
Generation for the same company.I have developed this project in Six
month with 2 members in my team. I am the team leader and Back end
developer yet i handle each any every part of it as i am the team
leader.I have worked on Devise, Padrino with omniauth, Heroku,
Mechanize.As i developed a project for comapny so my all code are on
server which can;t send you.But try my knowledge by any way you want
like given any short project.Waiting for your reply.


My name is vishal Singh.I have 1 year exp in Ruby On Rails.I will work for you remotely.check my github account https://github.com/vishalsingh/multiple_upload_photo.


Vishal Singh