Chat Client integrated into Rails

Does anyone have any experience, used any software to integrate a chat
client into rails? I want incoming users to a public site to be able
to chat with a set of represntatives on an intranet. Thanks to the
community in advance!

You’ll have to write it yourself, but Juggernaut provides you with the tools for realtime chat: Don’t know if it still works with Flash 10 though.

Another way would be to use a setup like Campfire and periodically poll the backend (using PeriodicalUpdater).

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

I second the use of Juggernaut and I believe it does work with Flash 10.
Juggernaut is a much much better solution than polling. You might also
want to look at shooting_star + meteor for a comet-based solution or

Take a look at this: