DRb + Chat interface?


I'm an amateur rails developer, and am currently developing a project
that needs a somewhat specialized chat client. I've recently become
enamored with DRb, and was wondering if anyone had tried implementing
it when attempting to make a chat client. The reason I want to use DRb
instead of some other way of doing it is because if I understand it
right the client should be able to do more to the data than with a
more standard form of chat client. It's not so much that I know
exactly what I want to do with that ability now, it's more than I'm
thinking about future updates and the greatest growth potential.

This is however my first attempt at a chat client, and I really don't
know what I'm doing. I've been told Juggernaut is the best option...
anyone know if DRb and Juggernaut can be used together? Or is it
possibly better to design a chat client in flash and integrate it with
webORB or something? (if what I'm saying is somewhat nonsensical I
apologize, quite new to this whole thing).


I am not sure of your requirements. I don't know what "should be able to
do more to the data than with a more standard form of chat client" means
or how Drb would help you with that.

That said, Juggernaut should be more than enough for most chat clients.
I don't you will need to go with Drb. However, even if you want to use a
background worker of some kind, may I recommend Backgroundrb or
BackgroundFu. Either does a great job for long-running background tasks
(or persistent storage) if that's what you need.

However, juggernaut should allow you to do whatever you need in regards
to a chat client. I am not sure what limitations you would really run
into in the future as far as being able to "do stuff with the data".